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 Revolutionary mixed material of silicone and polyurethane. reinforcement with stainless steel spiral and textil fabric. Silicone gives the best perception to the touch, polyurethane ensures abrasion resistance. Completely smooth inside and outside to ensure optimization of flow properties and for a easy and effective cleaning before and after using. It can be used in the pharmaceutical industry according Pharma USP CLASSE VI regulation. Food grade in accordance with European 2002/72/CEE (classes A, B, C, D no milky products) and FDA title 21 CFR 177.2600 regulations. Odorless, it doesn’t change the organoleptical properties of the delivered materials. Very good hydrolysis and microbes resistance. Flexible and not heavy though its wall thickness. Good resistance to mineral oils and chemicals, excellent resistance to ozone, weather and aging. Halogen free and conform to RoHS regulations, it can be made electrically bonded according TRB S 2153 by grounding the spiral.

  • Temperature: - 40°C to +100°C (max 125°C)
  • Applications: suction and transport hose for the pharmaceutical and the food industry pulvers( pills and other granules, pharmaceutical solutions, food flours, drinks, vinegar). Delivery of high abrasion materials, where a microbes resistance is required.
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