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Hoses & Tubes Assembly

We fabricate and assemble all types of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, from Low Pressure to Very High Pressure for Automobiles, Off-Highway Equipments and Mashineries.

We, also, provide Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubes and Fittings fabrication for Heavy Equipments and Mechineries, and Air Condition Hose and Fittings Assembly, and replacement for  all types of Vehicles.

In addition, we fabricate Stainless Steel Fittings and Flanges for all fluid connections and steam used in Factories, Oilfields Equipments and Refineries, Drilling Fields and Rigs, Desalination Plants, Connections for Mechineries, Heavy Equipments, Generators, Turbines, Boats and Railways.

Material Delivery

We deliver purchased materials for FREE within 24 hours to your warehouse or any other destination. Contact our Sales Representative to provide necessary information, and to schedule your delivery. Our delivery schedule is prioritized by order and urgency. If your purchase is urgent, please make sure to mention your urgency to our Sales Representative. Delivery charges might apply by third-party, if the destination is not within our delivery coverage area.